1500 points 40k game for the 26th


Hi as above any takers?

Thank you in advance



sure ! 1500 pts of Mordians ? still abit unsure of 8th ed but willing to give you a casual game. I’ll try and get in early and set up tables etc. might need abit of coaching on these dam new rules. what you fielding. ?
simon king of the rats


Hi Simon,

I’m looking for a tournament practice game rather than a casual game. Sorry about that I should have been clearer in my title


ok, just do casual games at mo. don’t like 8th ed


I hope to be there this week and could offer you Tyranids or Dark angels as opposition.


Hi Richard, either is good for me I’ll be using world eaters so either list would be good if I had to choose I would say Dark Angels.

Thank you


Ok, 1500pts of Dark angels it is then.