40k 26th 1.5k


Bit late notice, but anyone up for a casual game? Waaaagh Snotghaz will be making a re-appearance! Failing that, I’d also be game for some Kill Team


Hi James,
Are you looking for a 40k game next Wednesday (3rd October)?


Would quite like to play 2k, as I’ve found a new black legion list I am really enjoying using, but if you can’t make 2k, I’ll play 1.5k


Hi James,
hummm we did talk about a Black Legion Blood Angels faceoff sometime ago. I don’t currently have 2k of DeathGuard but I could do 2000pts of Blood Angels? (although it will be a bit soupy…)


That’s fine with me!


Nice. I’ll try to be at the club about 6ish.

…when I say a bit soupy… I mean really soupy :wink: