40k 8th ed game 3rd January?


Hi Everyone,
I’m new to this club. I often play down the GW store in Exeter but looking for more gaming options. Anyone interested in a 40k game 8th ed with or without Chapter Approved on Wednesday 3rd January? I’ll bring 1500pts of Blood Angels. Not a power gamer and I try play fluff lists (so for now no Primaris - they can’t take jump packs which means they’re not Blood Angels! :wink: )


il play ya
no jump packs did you forget interceptors lol


Hi David,
Nice one!
Didn’t forget about the interceptors but jumping slowly (10") about shooting lots of guns still doesn’t sound very Blood Angelly to me!
What army will you bring?


no idea yet im going through all my army’s at the mo


Hi Dave, Ali is new, play fluffy,
not killy!


Go easy Dave, we all know your idea of fluffy


Dave no taking your necron bike “fluffy” list Ali if you get the chance Scotty plays guard and iron hands, I know he’s normally up for a fluffy game


I did read his post you know guys


We’re not having a go Dave, but you know you enjoy a good competitive match.

What would be really helpful afterwards if you could introduce Ali to a few of the other 40K players so he can meet some people and maybe set some games up in the future?

Also the other new chap you’ve been playing, it would be great if you could introduce him around as well so he can meet a few of the players and get some games in?



Hi Fred, David_Perks and Oakley,
Thanks for your support :wink:

That’s a great suggestion Fred, it would be really nice to meet more 40K players in the club.
For general info I have a lot of Blood Angels and can play them a few different ways, a Genestealer Cult army that doesn’t really work at the moment (it was based around 2 formations in 7th but now it has no bite, just a lot of T3 models with shit armour saves!) and I’m slowly building upto 1500pts of Death Guard (work-in-progess).
I like fluffy games and I’m always up for a campaign. I don’t do tournaments.
I look forward to meeting you all over the next couple of months :slight_smile:


Hope you like if Ali is it only GW games you play?? If you ever want to try imperial assault (star wars skirmish game) Rich, Dan and Dave P would be best people to show you the ropes


Welcome Ali, always good to see new people at Rygas :slight_smile:


Hi Ali

I play Blood Angels and Death Guard to so if you ever fancy a game give me a shout. I tend to play for fun and not comparative *much prefer the new power level open play system for a good, quick fun game if 40K



Hi Oakley, yeah I only play 40k. Don’t have much time for gaming (or money) so I’ve just stuck to 40k. I know there are many good games out there but I don’t have the time to invest in them.


Hi Varyn good to virtually meet you.

Hi Jim, I like your choice of armies! Are you about on the 10th Jan? My Death Guard really are just the basic at the mo (the dark imperium box set), I’ve got the codex and have been thinking about lists but haven’t bought anything extra yet.
So I could bring my Blood Angels versus either your BA or DG?


which i why i left it for a week after the post went up for one of you guys to offer a game, 14 views one week later no one did so i stepped up and offered a game
then 3 ppl comment on my list building (i take one wraithknight in a 7th ed 1k list once and suddenly all my lists are bent/broken/beardy)
if your all so worried about me playing him you should have offered him a game
rant over


Hi Dave

Apologies I didn’t mean to infer anything more and certainly not put Ali off his game with you, I’m sure it’ll be a great game.

To be fair you have offered more new attendees games than anyone else which has got Jon Clack and I having a conversation about how the club welcomes new members.

I think reliance on the forum is probably not enough, hence Ali’s post going unanswered for so long. I think the Facebook page is a good next step and maybe stuff like an Instagram account or Whatsapp group?

This is a whole other discussion, more to do with the club and I’ll ask the committee to consider the points raised.

In the meantime, have a great game both…GO BLOOD ANGELS! (Sorry Dave :grin: )


the main problem is for 40k at least is we have lots of players but very few who play regularly like me.
imperial assault, xwing and bloodbowl seem to have taken over a bit a the mo


Cool yeah I’d be up for a game game on the 10th, happy to use my death guard. Do you want to go points or power level?


Hi Ali (and everyone).

I’m in the same position, not a lot of time for anything other than 40k. I have only been to the club a couple of times and it has a great atmosphere. I will be attending more in 2018 but my wife has just had our first daughter so am a bit preoccupied at the moment. I’ll hit you up for a game at some point!

David is a great player but I’ve got my money on the BA!

Happy new year!