40k 8th ed game 3rd January?


Hi Dave,
Thanks I do appreciate that you offered me a game. For future reference if anyone suggested to me that for our next game that they wanted to bring their; lord of war, deathstar, ridiculous list of the internet! I would probably be up for that game just so long as I had fair warning.
It can be a great tactical challenge to take on a heavy list but only if everyone knows what’s going on.


Hi Jim,
I still haven’t got used to the power levels yet, so points are good for me. 1500pts or 2000pts?


i can do death star lol how about taking on 10 knights one day i have yet to get them out on the table all at once and i so want to

finally some one that sees it as a challenge and not look at it a go thats bent and spends the rest of the game in a bad mood and resides them self’s to defeat which really spoils the game
i don’t make lists to be bent/broken i make lists that can take on anything and an use them effectively and i don’t tailor my army lists ether so i never bother asking what army a person is taking


Cool shall we do 1,500 points then.


Hi Dave,

When I say challenge I really do mean forewarned. As with many things in life good communication and honesty make everything smoother. Unfortunately I have been on the receiving end of bad communication a few times, most notably I had a game last year in Spain in which we’d sent Whatapps messages and agreed that fluffy would be fine and then he showed up with the winning list from the Nova Open! It was interesting in a way but mostly a complete waste of time. The worst thing was he didn’t even really know how to play.

At least 8th Ed was got rid of some of those ridiculous ways of playing the game.

I’m not implying that you or anyone else plays like that in this club, just sharing some thoughts.

Just out of curiosity how many points is 10 Knights? If it’s much over 3000pts then I don’t think I’d be able to accommodate you!


Hi Jim sounds perfect


Hi Jamie,
Congrats on the new addition to your family!
I hope to be a fairly regular attendee of the club so hopefully we’ll meet up for a game soon :slight_smile:


Dave I don’t think anyone meant anything to be personal in their comments, as many people have said; the problem is that the club has a big mix of players and everyone has their own idea of “fluffy” and “competitive”.

40k is simply not fun if you play someone and their list is more powerful than yours, it isn’t balanced well enough to be ultra competitive.

The goal of the club is to bring players together to have fun and share hobby interests, I think some of the members were concerned that a new player might be put off if their first game ended up being very one sided.


Don’t worry i don’t turn up with knights or a tank company without pre arranging it
I’m going to be bringing my (without bikes) necrons army