`40K Clear out


Hey guys

I’m having a bit of a clear out of stuff I haven’t used for a while, if you’re interested in any of it just send me a PM

Piranha, primed light grey

Iron hands space marines:
Predator (autocannon & heavy bolters) painted to a basic tabletop standard SOLD
stormtalon (skyhammer missiles) painted to a basic tabletop standard SOLD
rhino painted to a basic tabletop standard SOLD
command squad painted to a basic standard
20 tactical marines painted to a basic standard

space marines
ironclad dreadnought primed black SOLD
dreadnought (assault cannon & fist) primed black SOLD
a couple of techmarines (metal) SOLD

1 unopened box of veterans SOLD
15 veterans mostly with bolters, 2 frag cannons (these are kitbashed using the new DW kit and other SM kits, primed black SOLD

thanks for reading


PM sent :smiley:


I would be interested in the Deathwatch if nobody else has bagsied them.:slight_smile:


The deathwatch are available mate. Send me a PM with a list of what your interested in and we can work something out


id be interested in the DW vet box


OK Dave, once I’ve heard from John what he’s after I’ll let you know what’s left.


Sorry Dave B it looks like John’s cleared out all of my deathwatch!

I’ve updated the list to reflect what is still available


ah its ok i death masque has come back into stock today its like gw knew this was gonna happen lol


I also have a limited edition codex space marines (2015, latest codex) that I am selling if anyone is interested

It’s been flicked through about twice so it’s like new, it’s the iron hands version, number 48 of 400.

I bought it for £100, if anyone is interested or wants more info please let me know