40k Doubles Next Year (2018)



Hi guys,

Some of you may be aware but 7 of us went up to Warhammer World last weekend and had a fantastic time at the doubles, so much so that we’re looking to do it again next year!

It’s likely that the event will be around November time and we’ll work with that as an overall aim, although Kirton are also running a doubles event in April that it’d be great if we could attend if possible.

We’d like to get started working on it early and want to be as inclusive as possible and get a good group of guys going up. (We’ve about 10 confirmed so far and 3-4 more looking for partners)

I’m keeping a note of who we have confirmed and who is still looking for a partner so if you’re interested at all leave a note here and let me know what you’d like to play and I’ll do my nest to match make!

If anyone has any other questions please pop something down here or send me a message.


im up for that really want to get up to warhammer world
i dont know what id want to play have to see closer to the time new codex’s and all


In the mean time, our 40k doubles tickets are up https://kirtongames.co.uk/collections/events/products/event-death-and-glory-40k-doubles-saturday-april-21st-team-ticket


Well as I said this week at club I’m definitely interested as it has been a long time since I went to a tournament at Warhammer World. Hopefully I can avoid painting my army the day before this time!

Also interested in the Kirton doubles event as I think I’ll be free that weekend.


Gw just put up a dbls event for Feb 10th


Not a very convenient time for me unfortunately. :slightly_frowning_face:


hey guys gw just put up the events calendar for the whole year june 23rd/24th is the next wh40k dbls event


I should be able to make it to the Kirton 40k doubles tournament on the 21st April. Is there anybody out there who also wants to go but doesn’t have a double’s partner yet?


Hi Jonathan, if you can’t find anyone here the chap who won the 40k tournament on Saturday was looking for a partner


Thanks, I’ll wait to see if anyone from Rygas is interested and let you know if I can’t find someone.


@Tim spoken to one or two people at the club about this but not found anyone who is definitely available. Is the person you were trying to find a partner for still available?


Hi @Jonathan I have sent you and the chap in question a message on facebook - hopefully you can communicate with him via there


Thanks Tim. :smiley: