40k for 12th February


Got a 40k tournament coming up at Kirton next week and ideally would like to get at least one practice game with my army. Anyone up for a 2k game?


Hey Jon, I’d be up for a game next week.

I’m keen to use my Iron Hands but I haven’t got all the rulebooks for them yet so would just need to keep checking stuff on my phone/tablet. (Might not be too bad, as about a third of the list will just be dreadnoughts!) If you think that’ll slow the game down too much for a practice game, though, I’m happy to wheel out the Guard for a scrap


That’s great. Happy to give your Iron Hands a go as haven’t played against their new codex yet and they seem to be fairly popular at the Kirton tournaments. I’ll be using Salamanders.

See you Wednesday.


Ideal, a supplement-off! See you Wed!