40k for the 14th


Anybody for game of 40k 1500-2000 points


Hey, any chance you want to teach me necromunda? I don’t have a team yet but looking to start one!


Hi jamie I unfortunatly dont own the necromunda box set at the moment only bought 1 of the separate gang boxes if you had a gang box i would say i could go pick up a copy of the gang war rules and try to play the 3d gang war game instead of underhive ?


Okay well I might try another week. I’ll give you a game of 40k. I’ve got 1500 pts of Raven Guard.


Ok sure ill be trying out a new death guard army see ya wednesday mate


Hey dude, sorry to do this but I’m not going to be able to make it tonight.


I had not organised a game for this week and would be happy to play 1500pt (can do 2000 if preferred) of 40K.


No problem jamie. Hi richard yeah thats great 1500 will work fine for me. See ya soon mate