40k for the 28th


Afternoon guys, new to the area and looking to organise a relaxed game of 40k for the 28th Feb as my first with the group. Will be only my third game of 8th (returning to 40k after 10years) so not looking for anything super competitive. I’ll be bringing my deathwing focused dark angels and can easily field between 1500 - 2000 point’s.

Cheers in advance,



Hi Andrew,

I’m fairly new here myself. Unfortunately I’ve already got a game organised for the 28th otherwise I would be up for it. Will you be around on either the 7th or 14th of March for a game?


Hi Ali, thanks for the message.

I’m not quite sure about the 7th yet, as it my last day in work before switching jobs so might be popping out for a few drinks afterwards. The 14th should be doable though, so let’s pencil that in! Thanks for the offer!

All the best,



P.S. on the 14th I may well be testing out some tyranid’s if I can get them finished between now and then.


The 14th is best for me as well, perfect. Great, bring on the Great Devourer! If they’re painted as Hive Fleet Leviathan then that would be amazing as I’ll be bringing my Blood Angles. If not I’ll just pretend that they are and imagine that we’re fighting in one of the many ongoing hotspots around the Baal system!
1500pts? 2000pts?


Haha they are indeed leviathan (ish anyway with my paintjob), although it’s not a particularly competetive list (yet).

It will be their first time on the table top, my first ever game with them in any edition and only my 3rd or 4th fame of 8th so I predict that the sons of sanguinnius may be victorious haha!


Oh and I can more easily muster 1500 with what’s painted, so let’s go with that


If anyone else reading this thread fancies a 1500 game against my dark angels on the 28th then I’m still up for that as well.


Hello I’d be up for that. I’ll probably use chaos or ad mech I’ll decide nearer the time.


Nice one, cheers. I look forward to hunting down the fallen (or some ad mech)

See you in a week or so! I’ll be the lost looking newbie!


Hi Andrew,
That sounds great 1500pts on the 14th. Blood Angels versus Tyranids! I will bring something fluffy and we can have a relaxed learning as we go game. Do you have the Tactical Objectives cards? I have a spare set I can bring if not, or if you’d rather we can play one of the more straight forward missions?


Sounds perfect Ali.

I have the tyranids data cards and codex, so we should be fine, as long as I read them first! I’d like to use the objectives and have a fluffy game as all of the games of 8th I’ve played so far have been straight kill points games to get me up to speed with the new system (last one I had played was 4th or 5th!).

I’ll make sure I get as much of the army painted and ready to go as I can, I’ve finished the big boys (tyrants, mawloc and tygon) but the hormagaunts are repetetive and taking me forever!

Look forward to testing them out!



Hi Burnie, are we still all good for Wednesday?


Morning Ethan, yeah all good for tomorrow. I’ll bring 1500 pts of dark angels as planned.

Looking forward to first time at the club.




I’ll be in between 6:30/6:45. See you later