40k game Feb 6th


Hi guys
New to the club and looking for a 40k game this week


Hi Ross,

I’m up for a game of 40k. I can do 1500pts of Death Guard or any number with Blood Angels. I’m happy using whichever.
What armies do you have/ want to use?

Also welcome to the club!


Hi Ali

At the moment I am running deathwatch with a few bits of forgeworld and a proxy as I am not sure if I want to get it

Happy to face what ever you want.
Just let me know the point value


1500pts of Death Guard. They are still boxed up from last week so that makes life bit easier!

Normally due to traffic I get to the club about 6:30. See you on Wednesday :slight_smile:


Hi Ali
Yep I should be there just after 1830

So if you can grab a table I will see u there