40K Game Jan 31st?


Hi everyone,

Anyone fancy a 40k game using the Battlezone: Empyric Storms rules? (p108 of Chapter Approved). It looks like it would be the most fun with two Psyker heavy lists (possibly with Daemons). A lot of the D66 results effect Psykers only but it would also be great to have daemon models handy for the occasional summoning!
I can do a Psyker heavy list with Blood Angels and Inquisition but I don’t have any Daemon models.
The possible results are Spawn, Daemon Prince, 10 of Bloodletters/Horrors/Plaguebearers or Daemonettees and Any Greater Daemon model. Would anyone be able to lend us some? Or have some handy?

Points 1500? 2000?


Hey would love to give you a game i play space wolves so a bit less psycher power than other marines but it looks like alot of shinanagins can happen with normal units on empyric storms if not i can proxy a couple things as rune priests as i only have 1 psycher in my 3000 points lol


Hi James,

If you’re up for playing the Empyric storm rules then great. Yeah there are shenanigans for all! But definitely more for Pyskers (although not always nice).
If you’re happy with me taking lots of psykers (points depending) then I don’t think it matters too much if you only have one or two. Do you have any daemon models for the summoning results?

What kind of points would you like to play?


Hi ali

Unfortunatly i was never a choas player so no demon models but as for points i would be happy with 2000 if time is not an issue


I’ve got some horrors and a demon prince you can borrow if you want? No big bird unfortunately :frowning:


Hi James,

2000pts is good. I should be able to fit a fair few Psykers into that. Another thought was maybe we should use the Beta Rules for Psychic Focus/ Phase. I don’t just want to spam Smite at you all game and the Beta rules say that each subsequent casting of Smite (where successful or not) is cast at +1, which does stack. So the third psyker to cast Smite in my turn would need Warp Charge 7 to cast it.

Timewise I’ll try to get to the club as close to 6pm as possible and I an play till around 10/10:30. I guess it depends on how brutal the first couple of turns are!

See you on the 31st :slight_smile:


Hi Scotty,

That would be brilliant, nice one! Chances are none of the summoning results will come up during the game but it will be really cool to have some daemons on standby!


All sounds great mate

See you on the 31st


No worries mate - I might not be there on the 31st so I’ll stash the models in a grey GW case with my name on it in the back room (where all the boards and scenery and stuff is kept).


Hi Ali, I have plenty of Khorne Daemons including 2 Bloodthirsters and Skabrand, happy to bring them in if you want?


Hi Fred,
That would be amazing. The more the merrier! That should cover nearly all of the summoning results, fingers crossed now that some of the results turn up during the game!


Hi Ali
Unfortunately I’ve been struck down with the flu so i won’t be able to get to Rygas tonight.
I’m still happy to let you borrow them but you’ll need to collect from my house and drop them back afterwards if that’s OK?
I’ve pm’d you my address and phone number.


Hi Scotty and Fred

Thanks again for the lend of the Daemons. In the end it was a mental game! I rolled 66 on the chart in the first turn and we used one of Fred’s Greater Daemon of Knorne. James won the roll off so that made for a very different game right from the get go! In James’ first turn he rolled 56 on the chart and ended up turning his last psyker into a Daemon Prince! (Scotty’s tzeentchy one with wings was great for that!). Mental game but a lot of fun :slight_smile:

@ Scotty I left your case in the games cupboard more or less where I found it.


Nice! Sounds like a mental game :smiley:

No worries, glad you got to use 'em.