40K Jan 23rd


Anyone up for 40K next Wednesday? 1500pts?


Im up for a game mate fancy going against a mini green tide ?


Hi James,

That sounds great. 1500pts?


Ive arranged a game of aos with jay sorry mate maybe a game for next week ?


If I can jump in, I can have 1500pts of Nids of Dark angels (your choice). Been ages since I turned up to club and I would enjoy a game of 40k.


Hi Richard, sounds like a plan. I’ll bring 1500pts of Death guard. Don’t mind which one you bring. I should get to the club about 6:30


I’ll flip a coin between now and Wednesday evening and let you find out on the night whether it was aquila or feeder tendrils. I should get in a little earlier than 6:30 so will hope to have a table set up by the time you arrive.


Nice. See you tomorrow