40k mega battle


hey guys as some of you know i’ve been toying/looking for an excuse to get ALL 10 of my knights (and poss my 2 titans if we get enough ppl) out on the table in a big game

i was thinking using power points, a last stand scenario with recycling units and basically the knights have to survive 5 turns to win the game
i was thinking of doing away with command points so ppl can go as nuts as they want with their armies and not have to worry about detachments ect and using this system
1cp stratagems 1 per player per phase
2cp stratagems d3 (or d6 depending on number of players) per turn
3cp stratagems 1 per turn

and was thinking of adding a cpl of small rules/stratagems for the knights as well as they are lacking a codex/warlord

and if the thought of facing that many knights is too terrifying to you you can come help me control/ roll dice for the knights to speed the game up
the current total for the knights is 258 or 453 with titans

i was thinking of doing this for sun 5th nov at kirton if one of the kirton team would like to play/open the shop for us

let me know if your intrested below


also i do have a full tank company and 2 baneblades and a stormlord that ppl could use if ppl feel they don’t have enough heavy armour to take on the knights oh and and eldar revenant titan as well