40K on January 2nd?


Anyone about for 40k on 2nd January?

I can do up to 2000pts of Blood Angels or 1500pts of Death Guard.


I’ll play you with 2k of deathwatch


Nice one Dave!
You up for trying the new missions in Chapter Approved 2018? I’m getting it for Xmas so I haven’t read them yet but I’ve seen some interesting details on the old interwebs.


Ye deffo I done the one with the shrinking 18" objective


Cool how was it? Did the removal of the “Sudden Death” rule make the game feel different?


not so much with my play style but with a more defensive player it prob makes a big difference


hey mate slight issue iv been put on a different run on wed and its not a question of if im going to be late its how late am i going to be
so if you want to come and hope to play a game bring ya bits and join in with the guys doing board games and hope i turn up by 730 so we can get a game
or reschedule
im happy ether way


Ali I’ll play you if you want


Hi guys,
Dave let’s try again later in January. Makes it easy for everyone. Maybe the 16th?
Ethan sounds like a plan. 6pm and at 2000pts?


Works for me


I’ll probably be there about 6:30 2k and new chapter approved?


Definitely with new chapter approved. I’ll try to get tothe club at 6 to set everything up. See you tomorrow :slight_smile:
Little bit worried by how many Bloodletters you could bring at 2000 pts!


Don’t worry as I’ll be using dark angels or ravenwing.


good call on tonight got home at 10pm lol


Yeah it was great game with one of the new missions from Chapter Approved (Beachhead).
You still up for the 16th at 2000pts?


As long as I don’t get that run again lol


How’s it looking for a game this Wednesday?


IL be honest I completely forgot I had arranged a game with you and have arranged one with Scotty 🥴🥴🥴


Don’t worry about it Dave - go ahead with your game with Ali, we’ve got Blackstone Fortress again the week after


Week after that then?