40K on January 2nd?


Also looking good for tomorrow I’m on a round that should be back about 530


Nice one guys.
see you tomorrow Dave at about 6:30 with 2000pts




The day is not going as planned
If you set everything up I should be there by about 7pm
I will update when I’ve done my last drop and on my way back


Day has gone to hell Gareth will be there with board games and is saving you a spot if you want
I’m going to have words with my boss


OK no worries. To be fair I’ve had a busy week and could do with a quiet night anyway.
Hope they don’t tie you up at work for to long.

We’ll have to arrange a game for another day!


Hi Dave,

I thought I’d put this here for everyone to have a look at.

(about 14 minutes in)

You were right about your idea of unit cohesion. It is 6" and 2" across, Like a cone or cylinder shape.
Which is very interesting indeed, as I’ve been playing it the other way for the whole of 8th ed! That gives units a lot more flexibility!