40k or AoS on the 24th


I’ll be bringing Orks, 1750, whose game? Or 1500pts of dispossessed for AoS


IV already got a game for this week but IL give you one next week


OK, cool.


What will you be bringing?


40k im going to kirton conflict on the Saturday dont wana mix up aos and 40k rules lol


I meant which force




Oh, right. I’ll pass on the game then. I don’t actually own much that can handle 1 Knight, let alone an army. I’ve tried and it just didn’t make for a fun game ha


Hi James, I don’t have anything arranged this week so could give you a game of 40k with my Salamanders if you want.


Sounds good, I’ll see you Wednesday!


It’s mostly mini Knights so t7 I got shredded by turn 2 by Ethan’s world eater’s/khorn Daemon army


Or I can change list