40k or necromunda for next week


Anybody for some 40k or maybe starting a necromunda campaign got 4 of the gangs if anybody is intrested


Hi @Deathdude1441,

I’m new to the club as I’m only just getting back into playing after a long time out.

I’ve played a few games of Necromunda now since its rerelease and I’m starting to get to grips with it. I would love to give a campaign a go!

I hope you don’t mind seeing a bit of grey plastic on the table (at least at first) as the gangs I got in the box are in the various stages of being painted. Rightly or wrongly, I’ve been prioritising terrain over the models.




Sounds great i havent had much time for painting either so the gangs are all grey at the moment i havent had the chance to play the 3d version of necromunda but played some underhive games so i have the jist of how it works hopefully after a night of campaigning ill fully understund the game lol .

Anyways i guess ill see you next wednesday then mate


Looking forward to it mate.

For the uninitiated like me, I presume people arrive at 6pm?


Yeah normally about 6 to 7 people start arriving ill try to make it for 6 anyways


I think I’m playing AoS this week but I’m really wanting to get into necromunda seeing as I went on a terrain binge at xmas. If you want I can bring the terrain along for you guys to play on as I’’ not bringing a big case for AoS.


Oh yes please mate if possible saves having to cobble some raised platforms and bits from the boxes. you also looking at joining the campaign ?


I can also fetch along some custom scenery I made for Necromunda before the reboot if you like. I haven’t had a chance to play the new ‘3D’ game yet though, so I don’t know how well it would work with the current rules.


Thanks @Robin_Skinner and @Santa. I’ll bring some of my custom made 3D scenery for Wednesday too. See if we can get an interesting board set up…


Sounds good, mine makes for a pretty dense 6x4’ so with even more it’ll be a proper hive! And I’m well up for a campaign. I’m just deciding on chaos or Genestealer cults because both look hilarious with more chance for conversions


I’m afraid i’m not going to make it this week. Anybody up for teaching me necromunda next week?


Hey mate cant remember if i said in the whatsapp chat but if your still up for some necromunda next week me and the new guy simon have started a campaign ive gone with orlock and he went with goliath so if you havent got something booked we can have a few games ?


Yeah sounds good to me, I’ve read through the rule book but haven’t actually played yet so you may have to bear with me during the games! I’m just deciding between Genestealers and chaos teams. Is it following all the campaign stuff from the books?


Yeah were using all the stuff from the campaign books with just a little homebrew stuff going on and dont worry about it my first proper game was only last week too


Awesome! I’m looking forward to it, trying to figure out a gang that looks fun and thematic. Possibly a nurgle one as I have a load of cool zombie conversions already.


I haven’t played the new version of Necomunda yet but still have all my old gangs (Orlock, Goliath, Escher, Ratskins, Redemptionists, Scavvies and Spyrers) plus a fair amount of the new stuff. If you are running a campaign or just playing one-off games I would be interested in taking part once the Blood Bowl league is over. I also have a fair bit of MDF scenery that is mostly towers and walkways that should work fine with the current rules.

I think there are other people at the club who may be interested in Necromunda but are waiting for their preferred gang to be released.


Sounds great the more the merrier i also see what you mean about people waiting for the rest of the gangs to be released i would be playing cawdor if only they were out