40k Stuff for sale



I have some more stuff for sale, again thought I’d post them on here first.

Limited Edition Dark Angels Interrogator Chaplin from Dark Vengeance box set (on spru) £10

Cypher (From the triumvirate of the primarch set) £10 on spru - SOLD

Grand Master Voldus £10 on spru - SOLD

2 x First Order TIE Fighters, with Dials £10

Also I’m looking at either swapping for Death Guard, or selling off some of the Primarus Space Marines from the Dark Imperium boxset. It will be everything apart from one Intercessor squad which I’ll be keep for my Blood Angels.


I’ll be happy to take Cypher off your hands, he was the only model I was interested in from that set.


Sold :slight_smile:


il have voldus mate




I’ll bring stuff on Wednesday but won’t be staying too long as I have a friend cooking me a birthday meal at 7!