40k to sell


Hi all decided to join the forum after all.

I have dark angels, blood ravens and some Astra militarum to sell. Pm for pictures and prices.

I will be selling cheap though as I want them gone.


Interested in dark angels


Alright mate it’s jim.

Some pics for you but I’ll bring stuff to the club tomorrow so you can look at them more closely.





Hi Jim,

The ravenwing look good especially the speeders. How much would you like for them? Also are their any black knight amongst the bikers? I won’t be there on Wednesday but I will be there next week 1st November if that helps


No black knight mate just standard bikers and 1 librarian.

Make me an offer


How many bikes and what load outs? £30 for the speeders?


15 bikes. 2 melts guns per squad but I have loads of wxtra weopon bits if you want them. The majority are the standard biker with one squad of 3 that came in the starter box.

£40 and you have yourself a deal. However if you want the bikers then I will do bulk a discount.


I am interested what for the bikes and the speeders combined?


£75 all in


What IG stuff are you looking to get rid of? Is it mainly the plastic Cadians?


Alright mate.

It’s 1x leman russ
20 Cadians
4x heavy weopon teams
1 commissar
1 command squad.

I’ll bring them tonight if you’re about


Hi mate, I’ve had a think could I just have the bikers please. How much would they be and I’ll bring the money tomorrow.



£40 for the bikes mate. Sound I’ll bring them tonight.