4x X-Wing Advanced Optics for sale



Hi Guys,

Under the influence of morphine, I’ve managed to order surplus X-Wing cards from eBay.

As such, I have 4 Advanced Optics Upgrade cards for sale.

£3 each … or £2.50 each if you buy more than one.




Hi Dopey,
I may be interested in three of the Optics if you’ve still got them.
Now my favourite Imp ship seems to be in every meta list I’m thinking of changing to something completely different and the idea of a Tie/fo swarm with Optics keeps coming back to me…


Yours if you want them dude :slight_smile:


I’ll take the forth one dude :slight_smile:


Yours dude! Will bring tomorrow if you are about


I’ll defo have the other 3 if they are available. I’ll see if anyone is up for some x wing on the 21st and could pick them up then if your about?
Otherwise at the regional if you can wait for the cash till then.