A Tale of Kirton Gamers


I thought I’d post a link here to our ‘Tale of Kirton Gamers’

A group of us have committed to building and painting Age of Sigmar forces, either a new force (Box set or similar) or upgrading an existing army.

A Tale of Kirton Gamers

By the end of April we should all have 500 points minimum painted after which we will start a series of narrative games/campaigns to show case the models as well as try to generate some stories to further the development of the armies!

It is open to all, so please post a reply or talk to us at the club if you wish to join in.


Yo Freddo (small chocolate bar that you are :slightly_smiling_face:)
I’m interested in this, but can’t make every Sunday at Kirton. What’s the sketch with attendance?


You can attend as much or as little as you like. The main aim at the moment is to get 500 points painted by end of April and then we’ll organise some gaming at KG. Also add yourself to the 'Tale of ’ post on the TGA threads