Advice about Kromlech/ bitsofWar


Hi Everyone,

Has anyone used Kromlech for any bits? Is it any good / reliable / easy to use?

Or does anyone know any other websites for 40k bits. I’m mostly after turret tops for Rhino/Razorback tanks and also Leman Russes.



Yeah, Kromlech’s fine.
I’v got some of their IG models, and they’re alright. Only issues were my own fault (had a couple break off at the feet where the resin is thinnest).

I think puppetswar also do Razorback turret - there’s a few others too but can’t think of 'em off the top of my head. Maybe Spellcrow?


Cheers for that Scotty.

I’ve gone with Kromlech, I like the chunky turrets :slight_smile:


I’ve used Spellcrow and found them very good, you also usually get some freebies and my ‘loyalty’ points have paid for my postage easily before. That being said, they are more figure bits than vehicles.


Cheers Santa.
Yeah I’ve been quiet surprised at the number of third party websites, I guess there’s a gap in the market!