Aeronautica Imperialis


Hi, would anyone be interested in a game of Aeronautica Imperialis over the next couple weeks?


I picked up the original wings of Vengeance set about a month ago. Haven’t had time to read the rules or put the models together yet but would like to give the game a try.

Which faction(s) do you use?


I mostly use Space Marines but do have orcs and eldar to build as well


I’ll get my Orks assembled and then we can give it a go next week if you want. Happy to face whichever faction as I haven’t played at all yet.

Also, Santa hasn’t posted it up yet but I think I’m meant to be playing you in the semi-finals of the Blood Bowl league. I’m not available on the 12th Jan due to work so will have to work out a time to play that game too.


That sounds cool. I’m also away on the 12th so happy to arrange our semi final for another night.