Age of Sigmar 25th of April


Hey was wondering if anyone was up for a 2000pt pitch battle of age of Sigmar this Wensday (25th/4/2018). Got a tournament on Saturday so wanted to get some practice in.

Haven’t been to the club for a long while. But be great to get a game in


Hi! I’d be up for a 2000 point game if you like. What army for you play?


Hi, I play stormcast.


Unfortunately I working nights this week but I’m always up for games of AOS,What is this tournament is it aos and where?


Hey lew dog. It is an aos tournament an it’s at Terra games in newton abbot. They plan on doing it every few months or so I think. There might still be tickets left.


Whats the details for it,points,how much to enter and does it have to be fully painted?


Cheers for the game and happy hunting on Saturday!