Age of Sigmar - Weds 14 March


Is anyone up for a game of Age of Sigmar on Wednesday 14th March?
I can field an army from any of the four Grand Alliances and can lend models on the night if anyone wants to give it a go but doesn’t yet have their own army.
Happy to play anything from Skirmish up to 2000 points (or above… but might get messy…!).


Who is this?
If got a game that night,apologies for being forward with that question but just do I know for future reference lol


*iv got a game(bloody auto correct)


My name’s Mark. I’m new to the area and the club. Haven’t been yet but I wanted to arrange a game before turning up (it seems like that’s the etiquette - please let me know if not).
Looking forward to meeting you guys and getting some games in!
I’m a casual player - I just enjoy the experience and mutual enjoyment for both players rather than seeking to win at all costs.


You sound like my kind of player,we have a Mr ball at the club so thought you was him lol,I’m giving a lad(who’s also quite new to the club)a run through Aos as he’s just built a small army but yeah pop along and introduce yourself as sounds like we have similar style of playing the game,it’s a very friendly club so come on down and say hi,look forward to meeting you.


Feel free to point anyone in this direction if you know of any Age of Sigmar players who’ll be around on Wednesday.


It’s been a while since I last played so I don’t have the current general’s handbook (or recent Death book for that matter) but I’d quite like a game of AoS if you don’t mind me writing the list on the night. I have plenty of models and will be fielding vampire counts. (I should still have enough to field 2,000pts.)


Sounds good!


Cool, will see you there then.