Airbrushing course at Kirton - any interest?


Hey everyone,

I am trying to see if anyone would be interested in a 2 day airbrushing course taught by Matt Kane (2x Golden Daemon winner, former Forge World painter, Black Books 2, 3 & 4) held at Kirton games.

The course would cost around £115 for both days and would teach various airbrushing techniques, useful for novices and more experienced airbrush painters.

We need a minimum of 15 people to organise the course. I have included some pictures below of a recent tank & infantry course that he ran:

apologies if the picture format is a bit odd


Yes, I’m interested.


Not airbrushing. But, if you’re looking for interest in brush painting courses, then I’d be interested in that.


L I’m up for this


ye sounds good to me


unfortunately there hasn’t been enough interest for us to book this. ah well!