Announcement by SuperDopey: Rygas Cup Round 5 Action


No team is safe! BB: Hey Jim! It’s that squiggly thing again. JJ: That’s right Bob, the 5th Round has been concluded. With only two games left, it is still the case that no team is safe! BB: I know Jim, there are wun, too, free… err… lots of worms after them. JJ: No Bob, not the worms, no team has made it safely into the playoffs yet. Blockerandi made a huge step forward with their win over the Rabble, but still need a draw and two bonus points to be absolutely certain of qualifying. The Slannboys have consolidated their current third place with a solid win against the Interceptors and the War Muppetts have fought back to forth with a maximum bonus point win over the Circuss. Further back, the Harlequins had a crucial win over the Disorders, giving them a 4 point advantage as the two elf teams attempt to hunt down the top four. It is still mathematically possible for the Circus and the Interceptors to make it to the playoffs, but they are relying on an astronomically improbable s
et of results. May Nuffle be with them!

from RRBBL: Rygas Cup X Feed



@Dopey love the updates, much appreciated!


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