Announcement by SuperDopey: Rygas Cup X Regular Season has concluded!


@RRBBL JJ: So Bob, that is the end of the regular season. BB: Yeah Jim, I can’t wait for the knockouts in the Knockouts! JJ: Indeed Bob, the Rabble defeated the Slannboys to go top of the table and will face the Harlequins in the first Semi Final. The Slannboys will travel to the Magic Kingdom to face Blockerandi who finished 2nd after their win against the Muppetts. The Disorders will be disappointed to go out with a winning record but are “best of the rest”. The Muppetts held station in 6th and the Interceptors kept themselves off the bottom, cushioned by the hammered Cir-cuss. BB: There doesn’t seem to be any bash teams left Jim, I really hope we see some Chaos Chosen next season! JJ: … and maybe some blood thirsty vamps!

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