Any X wing players around on the 29th?


Hi, I’m Simon, a new member. Wondering if there will be any X wing players about on Wednesday?


I’d be up for some X-Wing. I may have to see how work goes on Monday though as I’m a bit snowed under… Can I let you know then? Also happy for somebody else to jump in instead if they are a defo :slight_smile:


Sure thing, I know how it is with work. Let me know when you do.

Straight up 100pt dogfight?


Straight up dogfight sounds good. I can do any of the three factions.


Cool. I’m pretty much a loyal defender of the Empire these days, but happy to fly against whatever you want to bring


Cool! I have a “Covert Operations” themed Rebel Squadron for you to attempt to euthanise :wink:

… I’ll see if I can come up with a Scum list too…


Covert operations? Not a fan of the ‘endless ranks of faceless expendable drones’ we favour in the Empire then.

Cool, sounds good.

Just wondering how easy it is to find you guys and what time it all kicks off?



Hi dude,

Kick off is from 6pm. I’ll probably get there 6:30-7.

It’s easy to find - parallel to the Pinhoe Road up a bit from Polsloe Bridge Station, behind the row of shops.

It’s at the Whipton Social Club :,-3.4945661,15z/data=!4m5!3m4!1s0x0:0x62695529fed10179!8m2!3d50.7325022!4d-3.4945661

All - do we have a details page anywhere with this on?



Thanks. I’m sure I’ll find it.

I’ll try to be there for 6.30 then


No rush dude - 7 fine or later if needed


Hi Dopey - we have a pinned ‘about us’ topic but it only shows up at the top when you aren’t logged in: Welcome to Ryga’s Roughnecks


Ah good, 7 would be better


Argh! Massive apologies mate but I get in to find work has taken a giant dump on me and I’m going to have to bail out of our game.

All - anyone else available to fill in for me?

Again very sorry,



Ah, that is a shame. No worries dude, I’ll tell the lads to stand down.
Maybe try again next week?