Anybody for 40k or AoS


Anybody for a game of 40k next wednesday or if anybodys free to give me a show through of AoS 1000 pointer ?


Morning James, I’ll give you a game of 40k on wednesday if you like. Can field a 1500 to 2k army of dark angels if that works for you?

Still relearning the ropesf 8th ed after a 14 year break but had a very educational game against Ethan last week so Im getting there!


Hey burnie sounds great could go for a 2k game and see what happens ill be using either death guard or the space pups


Sounds like a plan, fluffy battle against the space wolves could be a laugh and ive a score to settle against death guard so sounds good to me.

I’m Andrew by the way, was my first time at the club last week so no idea if we met or not! (My memories rubbish!)


All sounds good i was there at the start but game cancelled last wenesday so was not there long im the blond irish guy


All good for tonight James? I should be there about 6.30ish as I’ll coming back from Bristol today.


Yes all good im coming back from plymouth so ill be there around 6 waiting ill have a table set for us anyways


Scratch that i may be a little late too over traffic