Anyone fancy a game 12th?


Hello does anyone want a game against my stormcast eternals,got 1000 points easy but could do more than that maybe 1200/1300 with some quick assemble.


Any takers lol??


Ill be doing my list at 1260,either way ill bring my stuff with me but i can go higher at 1640 tops.


Sorry mate, I’ve already got a game sorted and then its Armada next week. Might as well come along anyway, and if you don’t get a game of AoS in, there might be a board game or something to join in with.


No probs bud ill definitely be along with my stuff,as couldn’t make last week and can’t do next week as been put on late shift so today only chance to get a game in,hopefully dan or someone will be there lol but either way catch you later dude😃