Anyone for a game of 40k next week?


1500 points, casual game only as i am still getting use to 7th ed, Imperial guard - choice of Valhalla Ice Warriors or Mordian Iron Guard.
Simon Rat Catcher


hi there, I’d be up for a game of 40k next week 19 April. I’ll be playing Dark Angels. I can’t get there until just gone 7 though, hope that’s ok. Cheers Robin


sound ! not had a game for a while ! what do you want to fight Valhallans or Mordians ? still learning 7th ed, so may make mistakes (just getting back into gaming after a long break) . I’ll get in early and set up tables and terrain and we’ll dice for missions etc. look forward to it.
Simon Rat King


That’s great, Mordians could be cool. Cheers