Anyone for Aos 28th?


Anyone for a game of Aos this Wednesday??


Hey lewis its james if your free next wednesday ive started sigmar collected about 800 points of death if you dont mind giving me a run through ?


Hello mate sorry for the late reply,I managed to sort a game but looks like you have too,might have to play it by ear(gf pregnant and about to drop)but the following week I’ll give you a game and show you the ropes?


Sounds great mate been expanding so just over 1k point


James, I’m happy to give you a run through or two with 1k, if you’re just learning the game?


Sounds great ive got a game booked for tonight but next week maybe if lewis cant make it ?


Or even the week after ?


Allright mate still on for this wednesday ?


I’ll be there bud,what points do you think you have?
I might bring skaven along:)


Just over 1k ill tally up when i get home from work


Ive got just under 1200 points but got 1500 if i can proxy some bretonnians knights as black knights ?