Anyone for BloodBowl on the 12th?


Preferably a final tweak match before the Kirton Cup, or a Perpetual League game.


I could give u a game, let me know which type u would like to try as it doesn’t bother me


If you are happy to go the Kirton Cup route I have something I’d like to trial. Are you going? If not, I’m happy to play a Perpetual League game.


I can’t make it as I’m working but I’m happy to do a kirton practice game for you, any preference for bash, agility or stunty?


Either bash or agility. If you bring what you would be likely to if you could come that would be good practice for me :slight_smile: I’ll be bringing the lizards.


Hmmm ill try take a more normal build that you will be more likely to face as i normal squeeze in star players if able


I played Jonathan last week and he had Humans with Griff but no Ogre. I’m also bringing Hemlock with the lizards so no worries if you want to go for a Star Player build!