Anyone for X-Wing on the 23rd?


Hi Guys,

Anyone for X-Wing on the 23rd? Need lots more practise before Euros!



Hey D, I could give you a few practice games if you like.
Let me know if there is anything in particular you’d like to face and I’ll get some lists together.


Awesome! Also have Ronan bringing a list too, so that’ll give me some good practice.

Perhaps do 45 min games if we end up with an odd number


Could do with a 4th player for this if any further interest?


… There’s a pint in it for a 4th player :wink: … Any skill level welcome


Don’t reckon I’m going to make it on Wednesday. Two players should make it a bit easier. Plus you could have just saved the cost of a pint


Ok mate, but I’m sure we could do a neat rotation with 3 players if you do find you can make it.