Aos anyone around Wednesday 29th


I think iv got about 1000 points stormcaster eternals and still learning the game so if anyone fancies a game?


Hey there,

I’ve got like 800 points of sigmar if you want a game, literally only played a couple of times so very much learning still too.

Let me know




I’ll take you on. I’ve got flesh eater courts. I’ve only played two games but it’s very straight forward. Could we make it 760?


Lol you wait for 1bus then 2 come along at once,iv actually been eyeing your army up eth to have a bash at so yeah mate ill play you i think the starter box i got is 820 straight out the box,what army have you got dom maybe the following week we can play??:smiley:


Yeah that’s fine, I’ve got khorne bloodbound!


We could probably fit a couple of games in at that value if we start early enough?


I was thinking that and maybe dom can get a game too,what time was you thinking of getting there eth?i only live round the corner and was gonna get there early as kirton games hopefully got to bring some stuff for me


I’d be there by 6:30? But I’m happy to leave it if you to just want to play. Let me know what you decide on here


Ok bud ill see you then,definitely want a game,i want to see what your army can do


Ideal I’ll be there by 6:30 ish