Aos April 4th looking for a game


Looking for a game of AOS,would prefer malign portents or open war cards but just be happy to get a game as got the opportunity to get out for the evening?


If you fancy it I’ll give you an Open War game against my Dark Elves.
Not the Daughters (they’re not ready yet ) just a mixed bunch as Order.
1500 points sound good?


I managed to sort a game before I saw your reply,sorry bud, but would you like to have a game the following week as would love to have a game with you?


If Lew already has a game planned and you’re still looking for an opponent, Santa, let me know!


Lew, probs can’t manage the following week as I need to play Drew in the Ryga’s Bloodbowl League.
MrB are you happy with 1500 points with Open War cards? What’ll you be bringing to the table?


No probs mate well sort something out as would be nice to have a game with you soon


Happy to play Open War at 1500 points. I think I’ll use my new Death army for the first time.


Cool. See you then.