Aos can go up to 2k?


Anyone fancy a game of Aos can go up to 2k,ill have ironjawz???


Is this for the 30th, Lew? I’d be up for a game, not sure if I’ll have the new rulebook by then though


Nah…for tonight mate,im on holiday this week and had a game arranged tonight but it fell through so trying my best to get a game(not sure if i gotta work nights next week)


Ahh dammit. Can’t make tonight but we’ll have to sort out a game soon mate.


Thats alright bud probably gonna skirmish with jim if not padds and fred have an interesting game tonight so if all fails ill watch them khorne vs lizardmen


I can bring 2000pts of Vampires/undead if you are still up for a game.


Yeah go for it,never really played undead so this should be interesting lol


Forgot to mention ill be there at 6


See you there.