AoS Doubles Weekend - 30th June & 1st July at Warhammer World


Hi All,
In a similar vein to Rich’s 40K doubles post, a few of us are planning to go to the AoS Doubles Weekend at Warhammer World on Saturday 30th June and Sunday 1st July?

If you are interested, please reply and we’ll start planning!




Not going to be able to make it myself, but I’d be up for a few games beforehand if you guys want some practice for the event.


Cheers mate much appreciated


I am interested.


Good man Dave! I’ll invite you into the WhatsApp AoS group where we are sorting out partners, travel etc.


Have you got WhatsApp on your phone Dave?


Not yet. Will add…


Excellent, is your mobile number still ending 186?


Added the app and yes that is the correct number.