Aos Firestorm season of war campaign chip in to buy box for the club?


Kirton only have 4 in stock and these are going to be limited release…it seems pointless everyone trying to buy a box each but could be a great asset to the club…im happy to put in for It,is anyone else?


If we ask Mr O really nicely, the committee might greenlight getting one for the club out of the kitty.
If we don’t use the stickers on the board, I don’t see why we couldn’t keep re-using it.
Failing that, I’d be happy to chip-in for one.


Happy to order on behalf of the club if it is likely to get enough use.


Will have to sit down and discuss it tomorrow,kirton are going to have their own box open and running a campaign on Sunday’s…not sure if we had our own if we could I corporate it in with theirs and have a mass campaign between club & kirton or just better off doing our own campaigns…it feels like it could be a great asset to the Aos player in the club but not sure if it’s really essential right??