Aos game 28th upto 1500 anyone?


Think most have a game sorted but simon if you see this me against your seppheron? Or any other takers?


Just double checking with the missus that I’m free that week but I’d be up for a game.


Yes mate rematch😃…might have to show me the ropes for 40k too at some point…getting a starter box of t’au and got someone selling me a fire team unit…its not much but hoping its enough to get a small game in to learn with.


All clear for next week. I haven’t really looked at the new 40k rules yet, but definitely up for a couple of games to figure out how it all works now!


Brilliant see you Wednesday,1500 ok for you?


Ideal - any idea which set of restrictions we use for it though (how many battleline units you need and how many behemoths, leaders etc you can take)? The one for 1,000 or 2,000?


The 1000 point vanguard one
1-4leaders etc…


Sweet, turns out it didn’t matter anyway - my list fits either one!