AoS on 3rd January


Anyone looking for AoS on the 3rd January?

I can do 1-2k, although I won’t get there until a bit later.




I’m down for a game mate. 2k would be good. What time are you thinking?


2K will be good mate.
I should be there for about 7pm?


cool sounds good, what sort of list should I bring? Beer and pretzels/fun or something hard?


I’ll play Khorne, they don’t really do fluffy but I could play with lots of Reavers and Warriors with no battalions which would tone them down somewhat?

Alternatively I can bring a nastier list full of Daemons!

Given you’re on a visit it’s your choice mate?


Well I’ve got the GT heats coming up in like 2 weeks, so practice for that would be good if that’s OK, I’m a bit rusty so could do with a game or two under my belt. I’ll probably bring the same Pestilens army we played with before at Kirton, but they have the new rules now for ghb17. Khorne vs Pestilens is usually pretty fun loads of killing and dice rolling =)


OK mate, I’ll bring something pretty killy so you can get up to battlespeed for the GT.


Sorry to hijack the thread chaps but do either of you fancy a game next Sunday afternoon at Kirton? About 3 or 4pm?

Need to get up to speed for the heat!


No can do mate, on-call.

Another night at Kirton?


What nights are you free?


Next week I might be able to do Friday night (5th) or I could do Monday 8th evening?


Monday 8th sounds good mate!


In fact either good - friday might even be better as shop open. Let me know what best!


I’ll be up for a game on Sunday, sounds good, can bring the boobsnake with me too


awesome, see you tonight man


Is 5 ok?


yeah I’m free all day I think , 5’s good man


See you then!