AoS on the 30th?


Now the new Generals compendium is out, does anyone fancy a game (with the new cards)?


I cant do this week but i can the next…you owe me a rematch😃 and well use the open war cards(they’re really good fun)


Great, look forward to it.

Still have a space for this week, would play 40k.


Army jim is looking for a game?


Whom? I leave early in the morning and have not prepared a list, so I will stand down this week.

Lewis looking forward to our game next week.


So how would you like to play this game Mr o?
1500 or 2k
Open play cards with matched play rules/restrictions?(have to meet battleline tax-1500 +2 Bl…- 2k +3Bl or just plonk anything on the table you fancy))
Iv got a 2k list sat in a box…its actually 2010,So do you want to do to a loose set of points to bring to a table or strictly the points we set we have to hit…no going over?
And to add to the randomness…both have a ruse card and on the night we add up our wounds total for the army we bring and whoever has the lowest gets another ruse card…sound good?


How about circa 2k points (10 points here or there won’t hurt).

Use cards for objectives, deployment and twists.

Happy to use your proposal for the ruse cards. Maximum random…