AOS - Skirmish Campaign


I’m thinking of running the Shadespire campaign from the new AOS Skirmish book and was wondering if anyone would be interested in taking part.

As a new player to AOS myself my thoughts are to run the campaign for new AOS players and people who are interested in learning the game or fancy giving it a go.

Each player will start with 25 Renown to build their warband from one of the 4 Grand Alliances (Chaos, Death, Destruction and Order). We’ll then play thorough the 6 scenarios and crown an overall winner (Based on total Renown).

If you’re interested in taking part comment below with what possible faction you’ll be using. Once I have a rough idea of players I’ll figure out a plan. Looking at starting in July (After all the Blood Bowl stuff is concluded and we’ve all had chance to play the new 40K :slight_smile: )


I’ll be up for this, Probably bringing Dark Elves which I see are now Order???


That sounds good, I think I would like to take part. With nurgle.


I would be interested but could only play games after 9pm on wednesdays. Would use order


Yeah mate count me in be using destruction greenskinz


Can probably talk billy into it aswell (like me after 9pm) he will probably use nurgle or death


I’d like to be involved. Warband will likely consist of models from the WHQs


Right looking at getting this going on Wednesday 19th July, that should give people enough time to get a warband together :slight_smile:


Sounds awesome!

… I was wondering if anyone knows if they’ll update the points list for Skimish?

I note that some models are missing (e.g. Chaos Sorcerer Lord).


Great, looking forward to this, however very basic question, but what do I need to get ready for 19? I currently have nothing to do with AoS!


Well, first thing i’d suggest is picking a faction then you’ll need to see which minatures you can use for that faction in the skirmish book. Beyond that you’ll just need dice and the Sigma rules, which are free to download :slight_smile:


Great, cheers!


Does base size matter in AoS? … and do they have to be round bases?

I’ve been putting a lot of the models on 32mm bases as that works well for WHQ. I was wondering if I would have to re-base for Skirmish?


Just over a week to go until we kick off our Sigma Skirmish campaign! I’ve had a few FAQ’s about it so thought I’d post them on here so they are all in one place :slight_smile:

Does my Warband have to include a hero?

  • Yes it does. A hero character will have the “Hero” keyword on it’s Warscroll.

Can I use Slambo?

  • Yes, though he would be considered a Chaos Lord in the Skirmish campaign.

The miniature I want to use isn’t in the Skirmish book. Can I still use them?

  • Nope. If they’re not in the book it probably means that GW thinks they are too powerful to be used in a Skirmish game. If they release an updated list and they are on it then we would allow them.

What do I need to take part?

  • A copy of the Skirmish book, Warscrolls for your chosen units (available free from the GW website) and the Age of Sigma Rules (again available for free). You’ll also need to complete a Warband roster sheet before you play your first game. I will bring blank copies with me on the first evening.

Do I need to update my Warband roster?

  • Ideally yes, and this needs to be done asap after your completed a game. I’ll probably keep a second copy of everyone’s rosters just to make sure no one is cheating :slight_smile:

Does my Warband have to be painted?

  • Nope :slight_smile:

Think that’s all the ones I’ve been asked so far. If you have anymore let me know.


Sweet gotta get some models whipped together but looking forward to this😃


What renown is it starting at?


25 renown :slight_smile:


Don’t think Billy will be in this now. Am I still good for this being after 9pm ? The second week I cant make due to going away for 2 days (26th)


yeah after 9pm is still good :slight_smile:


So the format of the campaign is that we’ll work through the 6 missions of the Shadespire Campaign. For each round everyone will play each other. After each game record who won/lost and the renown earned. Once everyone has played one another you’ll be able to spend what renown you have to expand your Warband, ready for the next round. Rewards of battle won after each game can be used in your following game.

If you want you can also write a small bit of fluff about your Warband and it’s General. To inspire you here’s mine…

"Buckaroo Banzai awoke amongst the scattered debris and wreckage of what remained of his Ironclad ship, the Hong-Kong Cavalier. His ears were ringing and his vision was blurred. He slowly rose to look across the remains of the once mighty Barak-Thryng fleet and slowly assessed the situation. The last thing he remembered before the attack was that he, with the rest of the crew were celebrating their recent trade deal with the Barak-Zon and were returning home when a dark cloud descended upon them. Battle stations were called but then there was an explosion and then darkness.

Buckaroo knew something had attacked them, but what he didn’t know was what. His priority now was to find other survivors of the fleet, gather up anything that was salvageable from the wrecks and try and make it back to Barak-Thryng. He surveyed the area and picked put a few Arkanuats in the distance. As he approached them he noticed a sign near a bridal way not far from their crash site. It read just one work “Shadespire”. That is where they will head, that is where they will make camp for the night."

We;ll try and get the first round games played withing 3 weeks, but we’ll see how it goes as I’m keen to keep this nice and casual.