AOS - Skirmish Campaign


Did i read that right that we spend renown after each game even if its the same round (clash at dawn)
So lets say i play you first game. I spend renown then play lewis in the same game and so on. Armies are gonna be huge by the end


Hi, each round will consist of x number of games (depending on who’ll be playing). After each game record your renown but it is only spent after the round has concluded.

For example round 1 is Mission 1, there are 6 players so you’d have 5 games. After each game record your renown. Once everyone has played each other we’ll move to round 2 (mission 2). That’s when you get a chance to spend your renown to bolster your warband.

Depending on how much renown people earn during round 1 I may put a cap on how much you can spend, so we don’t end up with massive warbands. For example max spend of 25 renown. We’ll see how it goes and what people think as this is going to be a bit of a trial and error campaign.

Hope that makes sense


Got it. See you guys just after 9


Great, as I only have 23 renown modelled and ready to go, ish! Looking forward to it, I should be there approx 7pm.


Cool, I should be there for 7ish as well.


Hey all, I took some photo from the first week of the Skirmish campaign but they’re too big to put on here so will try and add them to the Rygas facebook page,

Looking forward to next weeks action. I thought we could go straight into mission 2. “Treasure Hunt” so if you add up all your renown earned last week and divide that by the number of games you’ve played it will give you a total of renown to spend on your warband (rounding up) ahead of round 2.

For example, if you had 50 renown and you played 5 games you’d do 50/5 to give you 10 renown to spend.

If anyone still wants to play some round 1 games on Wednesday “Clash at Dawn” then that’s cool but we’ll try and move onto round 2 by the end of the evening.


I missed Round 1…can I join in in Round 2… do I get any renown? The camo hat has to be worth some :wink:


Yes and Yes :slight_smile:


Minor Victory to the Camo Hat :slight_smile:


Jim, sorry but unable to make it tonight, cheers Robin


So looking at next week, 23 august for more Skirmish games. Also new Generals handbook is up for pre order Saturday!


I got a 2k game with jim that night so no skirmish for me unfortunately(unless we finish quick)


No worries dude, the Skirmish is meant to be nice and casual anyway.


Anyone at the club for AOS Skirmish this Wednesday 6th?


I’ll bring my stuff, thought I maybe playing a Star Trek game with Gareth but sure I can fit a game in with you as well


Hi all

So it seems the Skirmish campaign is slowly loosing interest as people are playing larger Sigma battles or getting back into 40K, so with that in mond I’m thinking of winding it up unless there is a call from people to keep it running. I think we’re just over halfway though it now.

We could do one last day at Kirton, to try and finish it off if people are keen enough as I’m pretty booked up at Rygas for the next few weeks with games and tournament practice.

If not I think it had a good run and thankful for all the games. it’s definitely sparked my interest in Sigma and I’m keen to expand my army and play some battles in the Mortal Realms.


Kind of disappointed that this has happened but I understand. I’m certainly up for one final day long fling a Kirton, although I do seem to be running away with it a bit at the moment :slight_smile:
I’d also be interested a day-long Skirmish Campaign starting from scratch and running all the way through the Shadespire Campaign if you are up for running that.
Not really fulfilled my intention of using this as a launch-pad for my Dark Elf army, partly because they’ve been totally nerfed for matchplay in the latest Generals Handbook.

Thanks for organising this though, I’ll definitely be up for playing Sigmar now, whereas I wasn’t before!


Thanks for organising Jim. Apologies I only managed 2 games! … They were great fun though! Go Gobbo! :smiley:


Yeah I’d be interested in the Shadespire campaign but don’t currently own a copy of it. Maybe we can set a date to play though it.


Kirton is planning to run the Firestorm Campaign on Sundays in October, that might be good to play on for those bitten by the campaigning bug!