Aos skirmish/path to glory....something a bit different?


Hello looking for a game next Wednesday 22nd for a game of Aos don’t really mind what flavour you would like to play…was thinking preferably skirmish make a night of it and try smash through the campaign?just something different from matched play…can literally be anything open war cards,time of war(realm wars or what ever it’s called in the ghb17 lol)


Hey Mate. I’m up for a game based on Wounds, rather than Points if you are.
I’ll be bringing Dark Elves, mainly based on the Darkling Covens list especially if I can get my General painted by then!


Yeah can do how many wounds was you thinking?,I’m not sure how balanced it’ll be as normally go by points from the ghb17 but I’m happy to play that,is this a straight up game or do you want to play some kind of open war/realm game which will have funny rules thrown in there?


And are we playing battleline requirements or just put whatever on the the table,basically if you can for it in your list put it down lol?


Not sure about funny rules, this will be my first full scale Sigmar game.
I don’t think you have to worry about battle line issues in Open games, it’s pretty much ‘Run what Yer Brung’

I’ll be on about 116 wounds with
Lord on Manticore
Master with Battle Standard
28 Darkshards
25 Darkspears
27 Darkswords
Bolt Thrower
5 Doomfire Warplocks


Wicked I’ll bring my box with me and put something balanced on the table because was trying to work out the points of you army(if I done it right sits around 1200-1500)but I was thinking let’s go nuts,I matched your wounds but it rolled passed 2000(in points) lol so I’ll look what you got and work something out that’s sensible to match you army(when I tried to match your army on points my wounds comes in at around 80)it’ll be good either way we’ll have a game and use open war cards to generate a scenario.


Cool. I think the idea of Open War is that the sides don’t have to be balanced, as the Army with less wounds gets advantages anyway :slight_smile:


No probs I’ll be there for 6 so we’ll sort it out tomorrow,looking forward to it😜