AOS @ Warhammer Fest, May 27th 28th & Bristol Smash, June 3rd, 4th


I am headed to these events for AOS if anybody wants a ride up/ wants to join, would be awesome to get a few of us from Rygas at Bristol Smash. I will probably drive back to Exeter each day, not sure about staying overnight, will book a rental car and drive if anyone wants to chip in/ rideshare you are welcome to join me!

Warhammer Fest I’m staying at the Ricoh Arena all weekend, going up on the Friday and coming home Monday morning, playing in the AOS tournament there, again happy to rideshare/give lifts.


Alright man, may well be up for Bristol! Pop out to kirton for a game if you can! We’ve got lots of 760 point Slow grow games on at the moment.


Do it, will be fun! Yeah I saw that, am hoping to come over for the next
round , Mondays probs out as I’ve got to drive back from Nottingham and
drop the rental car off in Marsh Barton after, I’ll come the following week
though. That’ll give me time to get a 1k army together too (getting sick of
playing Pestilens!)


Where did you see these? Been to a few of tournaments at BIG some 8th and a couple of AOS. They usually post on the Warhammer forum but cannot see any on there


Is the Warhammer Forum still going?

My friend told me about Bristol Smash and I heard it reviewed last year by
the Facehammer guys. There’s an events section on TGA Community which has
the pack etc , it can be found here

As far as Warhammer Fest goes, that’s been advertised for a while, I
usually check in on the Warhammer World website every now and again If I
know I am going to be in the UK.

You are welcome to join Pads should be fun, plenty of time to prepare as


I might be up for the Bristol one, probably look at crashing overnight there somewhere though - not too keen on the idea of getting up that early on a Sat/Sun!
It’d be good to have something to work towards with the army, too.


Thanks. What size car you getting? for the Bristol one. Maybe be 3 here to go but most likely 2


yeah I might be up for crashing overnight Sat , could stay and have a few
beers then

Car wise I’m not sure, can book whatever really, I normally get an
intermediate hatch size, if there’s a full car would be more comfortable in
an SUV or sedan


Nice cheers for the heads up,just chatting with the gf and might go warhammer fest Sunday see what its all about😃


I think I might not be able to make Bristol Smash so you guys might need to find another ride up if you are going, am def going to Coventry still though, hotels booked. Getting in trouble with the family for going away on too many weekends!