AoS2 matched play 2000pts


I’m free for a game on Weds I think if anyone wants a 2.5hr game @ 2k. I’ve got Rotbringers. Prefer competitive play but happy to just throw some dice and have fun.


Hey Jim, I can’t make this week, but I’d be up for that next week if you’re free then? I’ve got a 2k Slaves to Darkness list I fancy trying out - happy to go a bit more competitive if you’re gearing up for an event.


I can do a Legions of Nagash list for the 4th. Likely to be a 2K Legion of Blood. (Will this be using the new rules?)


yeah mate I’d love to, lock it in


Sure lets do it Richard, yeah AoS 2 if that’s alright with you. It’ll be my first outing with the new rules

I’ll be there from 6, looking forward to it, see you Weds (and thanks!)


Awesome, see ya next week!


Cool, I should be able to get in for 6pm. See if the new system plays any quicker or slower than the last.


great see you tonight, I’ll be there at 6 as well, thanks mate


scott the footies on that day, gonna have to raincheck, am headed back to NZ the following week as well so might have to leave it , wasn’t expecting England to get to the semi’s!


No worries mate, cheers for the heads-up! I’ll catch you next time youre back


I’m playing a 700pt game with my nighthaunts against Santa if you want I can play you after


I reckon you’ll struggle to fit both games in Dave. Play Scotty on the 11th and we can have our game next week. It suits me as well, as Sarah can actually make it this week so we can have a game against each other.


we could do triumph and betrayal or what ever its call 4player


Except Sarah wants a game of Blood Bowl :slight_smile: She doesn’t really have enough troops yet, that’s why she’s buying yours!


Iv got the lord and the Spellcaster and the 3 man unit assembled cus I was going to do an army of them then changed my mind


you carry on mate il say home and watch the footy and il bring the bits in next week and il be up over a 1000pts next week


hey @Santa do you want to make it 1100 pts for wed i can use all my nighthaunts then


Cool, 1100 it is