Are there many people playing Age of Sigmar?


Hello all, Im looking for a gaming group in the area in the hope of Playing some Age of Sigmar (and eventually some 40K). Are there many people in the rough necks playing AoS?


Hello,yes theres quite a few of us that play aos,it has dropped off recently as some are playing legion but there is a couple still on the regular playing it,what kind of games do you like to play as some really like tournament practice so if that’s you’re style you’ll fit right in,there’s actually someone looking for a game in our WhatsApp chat,I’ll direct him here so he can speak to you.


Hello yes it is fairly popular I will certainly be up for a game. I’ve got one sorted for this coming wednesday but the week after should be good. What armies do you play?



Great news. I am newly returned to the hobby after about 12 years. I have played a few 1000 point games. I have Gloomspite Gitz/Stormcast/Cities of Sigmar. I am travelling for work at the moment so probably won’t be able to play for several weeks. Good to know people are playing, I will get my 2000 points built and take you up on that offer Ethan.



I’ll definitely be up for games too,what kind of games do you like casual or filth,as I’m happy to tone down lists for lola?




Im up for a bit of both. Definitely up for some filth!