Are you Heresy curious?


Hey guys,

A group of us are starting a small Horus Heresy campaign and it’s a great opportunity for anyone interested in 30k to come and have a chat, look at some armies and see the game in action!

We’ve a mix of new and experienced players so please come over and have a chat with us if you’re thinking of starting a heresy army or if you’re just interested in 30k.

Our next game will be on Wednesday 28th November at around 7pm at Rygas


I haven’t played any Heresy games in a while but I am still interested in it and have kept my armies. One thing I don’t have is a copy of the new rulebook that replaced the 7th ed ruleset. I understand it hasn’t changed much so I’m wondering if I would be able to ‘get by’ with the 7th ed rulebook until I can get a copy of the new one.

I’m not sure I could commit to a campaign, but I would like more opportunities to play games in the 30k setting.


It’s fundamentally the same as 7th edition but with a few tweaks and some clarifications on certain rules.

I would think you could get by with the 7th edition rule book, but if you’re playing regularly then I’d recommend getting the new version.

Don’t worry about committing to a campaign, we’re just trying to get more people involved by doing multiplayer ZM games and 2v2 games, we’re trying to focus more on the narrative side of things, encouraging ‘fluffy’, thematic armies to put more emphasis on the setting and having fun :slight_smile:

it’d be great if you want to have some games with us. Which legions do you have?

at the moment we have:

Alpha Legion (T)
Iron Hands (L)
Iron Warriors (x2!)
Sons of Horus (T)
Ultramarines (L)
Solar Aux
Dark Angels (L)
Raven Guard (L)

I’m not 100% on the allegiance of our Iron Warriors and Solar Aux, plus I think there are some more armies I have probably forgotten


Cool. I do plan on getting the rulebook at some point (probably next time I order some Blood Bowl stuff from FW), but good to know I can manage without for now if I just want to get some games in.

Army-wise I have World Eaters as my main force, partly supplemented by my 40k World Eater army until I can get enough basic troops and Rhinos painted in Legion colours. I’m also planning to make a Sons of Horus army from my Betrayal at Calth/Burning of Prospero models, and can do Death Guard and Salamanders using a mixture of 30k and 40k models. A lot of my Salamanders are 1st ed Rogue Trader era models so they fit the Heresy theme quite well due to them not looking like a ‘standard’ 40k army.

Also fully agree on thematic armies. I tend to use the Legion-specific Rites of War which push you to theme your list in that direction.


that sounds good, you’ve got plenty to choose from :slight_smile:

If you’re around next week come over for a chat and we can try and get a game organised


I’d be up for wheeling out the militia for some games, just need to remind myself what’s legal in 30K.


Good to hear Scott. I have got a copy of the militia book somewhere if you need it


Cheers, yeah I wouldn’t mind having a butcher’s if that’s alright. I’ve got the old one, and I definitely have a legal army based on that. They’re not much use for ZM games, as so much of the stuff that does anything is either a tank or artillery, but they’ll sit on an objective or gum up the board nicely. XD